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Facebook Advertising for Lead Generation

Social Advertising For More Sales & Leads

It's time to get the measurable results your business deserves

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About Me

I'm Holly, your social advertising specialist! If you are looking to get the best results through Facebook, Instagram and TikTok advertising - let me help you!

Always focused on results and getting your business the highest quality leads at the most cost-effective price - once you switch on the lead machine, business will be booming.

When you partner with Blonde Bear Social, you will get a fully managed done-for-you social advertising service. ROI focused so that you know your money is being spent well.

And people are always flabergasted and amazed by the number of sales and leads I can get using a combination of water-tight social ad strategy and super-targeted creative. This is a comprehensive lead funnel that has accountable results in both Facebook, TikTok and Google Analytics.

All strategies are tailored to each individual business so analysis and auditing is something we need to get into to understand what is going to work best for you.

About Me

What do you get when you partner with Blonde Bear Social?

  • Ad account audit & audience research

  • Full social advertising strategy and funnel build

  • Campaign structure with audience creation & targeting

  • Conversion copywriting & creative design

  • Testing & optimisation

  • Weekly calls and reporting

  • Awesome results and great ROI!

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Work with me

Case Studies

Legal Lead Generation

Generating qualified leads through Facebook advertising for a large legal firm

• 28 Personal Injury Leads in the last 30 days for £32 per lead

• 124 Diesel Emissions Claims Leads in the last 30 days for £13 per lead

• 47 Mis-Sold Mortgage Leads in the last 30 days for £13 per lead


Case Studies

Used Car Lead Generation

Generating traffic and website form submission leads for used car sales using Facebook advertising over the last 30 days:

• 2.94% Advert Click-Through Rate

• £0.57 Cost Per Click

• 18 Leads at £25 per lead


Car Lot

Recruitment Lead Generation

Generating new applicants for several open roles using Facebook video advertising over the last 30 days:

• 6.40% Advert Click-Through Rate

• £0.35 Cost Per Click

• 62 Leads at £8 per lead


Image by Clem Onojeghuo
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