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Objective: to grow Messenger and email list.

The client had an awesome competition that was super relevant to the audience. Entrants needed to opt-in with their name, email address and phone number.  


We used a killer combination of FB ads & Messenger Bot. We designed an advert that sent the user to the Messenger Bot that we had built using Chatfuel to enter the competition.


Over two days, we gained 240 new subscribers with a spend of just $40 - that's $0.17 an opt-in!

We also achieved a relevance score of 10.


Getting awesome Facebook results after taking over a B2B lead gen campaign that was not getting the desired results.


Currently, the client pays approximately £40 per lead using Google Adwords in a very competitive sector. They wanted to get their Facebook channel working but were getting leads for about £75 a pop.


We took over and rebuilt the campaign and are now seeing leads coming in at £16.56!


The target was to get the cost down to £40 or below to match Google - but I think we are smashing it!


We've done this by testing the creative extensively, testing and adjusting copy, headlines and buttons, and creating tight retargeting stacks (which is where we are seeing super cheap leads coming in).

Online Course

We designed and built a full webinar funnel and Facebook marketing campaign to drive sign-ups for a live webinar to sell the online programme costing $990.00.

We used a combination of Facebook Lead Ads with landing page sign-ups on ClickFunnels, integrating with Infusionsoft for email marketing.



293 leads in 7 days

$1.73 average webinar sign-up

$0.13 Cost Per Click (CPC)

$800 ad spend over 7 days

Menswear ecommerce

We built out a full eCommerce Facebook funnel for the menswear online store. Correctly installing the Pixel to enable Dynamic Product Ads with retargeting stacks to capture all sales and re-engage cart abandoners and past purchasers.

We developed branded conversion copy for the online store and email marketing campaign. 

£0.10 Cost per Link Click (CPC)

1.36% Click Through Rate (CTR)

£1.31 Add To Cart

2.82% Website Checkouts Initiated

£2,400 ad spend over 14 days

B2B Lead Generation

We built a full B2B Facebook lead generation campaign taking Facebook traffic to a landing page, booking a call with embedded scheduling software and filling out a pre-call form to further qualify the lead.

In a highly competitive area, we are generating consistent qualified leads for under $20.00.

$19.84 Average Lead Cost

306 Leads 

$3.97 Cost Per Click (CPC)

$6,500 ad spend

Online Course

We developed and built a complex sales funnel for a celebrity magician and hypnotist.


The campaign includes the addition of a tripwire offer to pay for the advertising campaign. Leads who opt-in for the free video tutorials receive lots of free video content and are finally pitched the main online programme through an automated email marketing campaign in MailChimp.


396 Opted-In (Lead)


6.45% Click Through Rate (CTR)


$0.06 Cost Per Click (CPC)


$1,200 ad spend over 30 days




Online Group Membership

The client wanted to drive traffic to a landing page to opt-in (with an email) to watch a motivational video series. Viewers would then have the option to join a monthly membership group on the Thank You page.


Leads who didn't purchase were retargeted with an advert containing a powerful video testimonial to prompt them to buy.


761 Leads Generated

$2.30 Cost Per Lead

39% Landing Page Conversion Rate

$1,751 spent over 6 days

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Hotel Booking Site

Being a new business, we started from square one developing the Facebook strategy in collaboration with the client's developers so we could create Dynamic Travel Ads for retargeting.


Being a highly competitive sector, we created and utilised video assets to get the target audience to the client's website, ready for cost-effective retargeting with Dynamic Travel Ads.

5.78% Click Through Rate

$50.07 ad spend

$0.31 cost per Rebooking page

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