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Messenger Bots

What can be achieved with a good Messenger Bot will BLOW YOUR MIND!


Messenger Bots allow you to concentrate on personalisation and user experience. The ease of NOT asking for an email address when acquiring a user means that you could significantly reduce costs and find a massive improvement in the efficiency of your marketing efforts.


Let me talk you through the Blonde Bear Social Bot:


Messenger Bots are extremely versatile and lend themselves to many different business models. If you use email marketing, you'll understand that open rates are low and conversions even lower. Messenger Bots are taking over with higher open rates, higher click-through rates and higher conversion. You will easily get 85% open rates and 35% CTRs in Messenger.


Once someone interacts with your bot, you immediately get their full name, language preference, profile photo, time zone, and gender from Facebook. This is just the start of getting to know your customer. You can now ask questions, segment your audience and give them more of what they want.


This is a chance to start a conversation with your customers to make them become your brand ambassador. 


If you would like to find out more about how a bespoke Messenger Bot could help your business grow and speak to more of your customers, click below >>>









Want to test my Bot? Send me a message! >>>

what results can you expect with a bot?

We used a powerful combination of an awesome competition prize, Facebook ads and the Messenger Bot for a client who wanted to conduct most of their business through Messenger - keeping the user within the Facebook family of apps.


The aim of the competition was to drive users from an advert to enter the competition via Messenger. Once they opted in, for the cool price of $0.17, the client was able to directly market to the user via Messenger broadcasts or email. 


We designed customer sequences and used AI to give a truly unique user journey.


The client grew his list by 240% in three days for the small cost of $40.00. We also achieved a Relevance Score of 10 and a Click Through Rate of 16.42%.





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