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blonde bear pricing

Every business is different, so we try to work with each client to find a payment solution that works best for them and their business.


Our performance-based structure is very popular. To start on this payment model, we do require that a validated sales funnel is already in place. 


New business or new to Facebook advertising? Don't worry. We will build your sales funnel for a fee. This is like us building you a rocket to get to the moon!


Then we spend two months validating and optimising your funnel at an agency retainer rate. After this period, we can then switch to the performance-based payment model and see your business fly!



Don't want to pay an upfront agency fee?

You don't pay us until you make money. Sounds too good to be true? This is how it works:

You pay 15% of gross monthly revenue generated from our Facebook advertising activity. Simple.


This is a fantastic way to see results. We work harder to smash your goals so that we both get paid more! You will know that your Facebook advertising agency is doing all it can to make your business grow.


Good for you and good for us.


If this is something you would like to explore further, book your FREE strategy call to see if we can work together and add some extra zeros to your income!

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