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  • Holly Smith-Williams

Facebook Conversion Campaigns for Lead Generation

There is nothing sweeter than hearing the ping of an appointment booked. Someone wants to do business with you! Time for a mini-celebration!

So what did you do? You didn't have to cold call them, you didn't have to sharpen your pencil and write a beautifully crafted cold email, you didn't even have to go on a networking spree - you decided to invest some money into the lead generation machine that is Facebook. Good move my friend!

Now, there are some businesses who like to think that Facebook isn't a place where their target customers hang out. To this, I say "Pah!" Of course your target market is on Facebook:

• There are over 2.07 billion monthly users worldwide

• There are 307 million users in Europe

• There are 65 million local business pages

Your audience is on Facebook because people are behind businesses.

And let's face it - Facebook knows you better than you think. It knows what you're interested in, your behaviours, what you like, what websites you've been on, whether you'll click on an ad, where you live, what shops you visit, how much you earn, who you know...Facebook knows you.

The pay off to all this is - Facebook will be able to find your customers - because it knows them too. And what's better is that they will be finding your customers when they are sat at home scrolling through their newsfeed in front of the telly.

As ad specialists, it's our job to train Facebook to find your customers. We do this by using a lovingly crafted conversion campaign.

Here's what it looks like: