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  • Holly Smith-Williams

Lead Generation after GDPR

GDPR is coming...

You've heard the screams: the absolute terror of data laws being shaped-up to end your business.

"The End Is Nigh" is plastered all over LinkedIn by data preachers as the Data Apocalypse rides into town. There's no avoiding the fiery pit of hell that awaits all those businesses who don't comply.

No more cold calling, emailing - anything! How will you ever get any new business again?

Well, here's the thing. This is the ideal time to get ahead of the rest and plan your strategy that will help you fight back, regain ground and conquer! The Sun shall not be turned into darkness, as you, my friend, will have a very cunning plan!

How are you going to change your approach when it comes to cold outbound marketing?

If you've ever bought any data lists and cold-called or emailed prospects from a poorly sourced data provider (you know who you are) then May 25th, 2018 is your deadline.

Yes, I've heard plenty say that as long as you can prove that they have a public email address or phone number, then it's fair game. And even heard some saying that they use the line: "Found you on LinkedIn mate," even if they hadn't. That's a bit nasty in my book - and unsustainable.

New strategies are evolving to take your business out of the call centre and into greatness where GDPR won't even be a concern for your smart business. We need to be thinking about a lead generation strategy that is sustainable and scaleable without letting GDPR get in the way.

As a Facebook ad specialist, I'm currently seeing a lot more B2B businesses looking towards Facebook to generate their leads.

There is a huge misconception that you won't find business leads on Facebook. I know for a fact that this is not true. Every business is run by people. People are on Facebook. All 2.07 billion monthly active users of them. Sweet.

You see, instead of buying a data list with a limited amount of information, Facebook allows you to target very specific details tailoring your campaign to your exact audience.

Now, here's the beauty of building a big, mean, lead gen machine on Facebook - it's all automated and you own it!

You won't have to be bidding more and more on Google Adwords to get one click, you will actually be able to scale your successful targeted campaign to generate more leads.

There are many different levels of lead generation on Facebook. Acquiring an email address on Facebook is a lot easier and cheaper than going straight for the close - but that's one of the great aspects of Facebook advertising - the ability to work with all budgets and objectives.

With Facebook, you can start to build brand awareness and trust with potential customers so that they can be nurtured via email, retargeting, calling or Messenger Bot. But the beauty is that they will have opted-in with their email or phone number so that your lead generation strategy is GDPR compliant. And you've got a lead using the most sophisticated set of targeted data that could never be acquired from a purchased data list.

Facebook knows which users are more likely to take action.

Facebook does this by looking at the mark-up data (SEO information) on a webpage. “Microdata” triggers when the pixel loads on a site. Facebook can gain more information about what users are doing on a site, what they are looking at and how interested they are by how they engage with a page.

So essentially, Facebook will target users who are actively searching for your product or service first. It's tapping into Google's search function and finding users who are in the consideration phase.

Why spend money with Google, when Facebook does both jobs - search and display advertising in one?!

Of course, lead generation comes in many forms for different sectors. Some businesses wish to grow their email list with a lead magnet, others need a lead to book a call - whatever the objective, Facebook advertising will get you there.

Your call centre will no longer be filled with bodies begging for business, instead, your call centre will be filled with lucky salespeople taking calls from leads interested in your service! This is new business nirvana!

If you need to find out more, book a free strategy call to find out if Facebook advertising is right for you.

Or check out these Case Studies to show how we've helped get leads for other businesses.

Want to try out our 14-Day Lead Gen Subscription plan? Find out more here >>> 14-Day Lead Gen

Need to learn more about what GDPR will mean for your business? Check out the ICO's website for more information.

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