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  • Holly Smith-Williams

My Top Five Inspirational Women

There are a lot of great women out there, so I was trying to think about the top five women that I would like to meet.

It wasn't easy to get it down to five, but here they are:

1. Miriam Margolyes I just love the way that she refuses to conform. She asks questions that often make people feel uncomfortable but makes for compelling viewing. She's an older woman that hasn't been marginalised, dismissed or disregarded.

2. Joanna Lumley Who doesn't love Joanna? Model, Actress, Author and Activist - and Ab Fab. I love her!

3. Trinny Woodhall I have a guilty pleasure and that's watching Trinny Woodhall's Facebook Lives. She's so passionate and full of energy.

4. Michelle Obama America's 44th First Lady. Intelligent, compassionate, elegant and cool. Michelle for President.

5. Kate Winslet She's a highly successful actress that has always fought body image issues - now she empowers her daughter with a positive gender message.

She's always stood up for women's rights and empowering women: "There was one banner that was scrawled on cardboard that particularly resonated with me: 'The older I get, the more I see women described as having gone mad; what they've actually become is knowledgeable and powerful and f****** furious.'

"Years ago, that woman would likely have been locked away. How times have changed - let's keep them changing."

Who's your top five inspirational women and why?

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