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  • Holly Smith-Williams

How to magnify the power of your LinkedIn Network

There's no doubt that LinkedIn is a great place to connect with a professional network, but are you making the most of your LinkedIn activities?

Here's my disclaimer: I'm no LinkedIn master, I'm a Facebook marketer. Here's how I create a super-powerful audience to advertise to on Facebook - created from my nurtured LinkedIn network.

Anyone can do this. It's not a dodgy hack, you won't feel like you need to take a shower afterwards - this is good clean fun! That gets results!

Okay, let's get to it! LinkedIn is always telling you that 'You're the boss of your account', so head over to your Settings & Privacy area and scroll down to 'Download your data'.

This may take a few minutes for LinkedIn to gather all your data. You should get an email when it's ready to download from the site. You will then have a handy CSV file full of your contacts ready to go.

What now? You could start emailing every single contact, but I wouldn't recommend that. Unless I have had some initial contact or conversion with someone on LinkedIn, I really don't appreciate a cold email - unless they are offering me free money or want to engage with my services.

No one likes receiving that cold-selling email. Do they?

When I'm engaging in B2B advertising on Facebook, I will test out different audiences to see which one is most responsive. I have found that I have got really great results from using Lookalike Audiences.

Lookalike Audiences (LLA) are usually created when you have a good seed audience. You might create a LLA from a custom audience of leads or people who have made a purchase. This is where Facebook uses the data it has on your current audience and looks to identify the common qualities and find a similar expanded audience that will be interested in your business.

This is how to create a custom audience from your LinkedIn data, then you can go on to create a LLA:

If you choose, you can market to your LinkedIn seed audience. If you choose to use the LLA, it will automatically exclude the seed audience.

I have found that LinkedIn Lookalike Audiences have had some of the highest conversions. So if you value your LinkedIn network - this is a great way to widen your reach using the power combo of Facebook ads and your nurtured professional LinkedIn network.

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